Do you need a hosting account for your new or current website? Are you looking for a cheap way to get a website built for your business? CAWD provides hosting options that will get you started, no matter your needs!

Contrary to what the hosting giants say, there is no such thing as “unlimited” storage or bandwidth. It’s ‘unlimited’ as long as you don’t use too much. If you want to read more about it, there is a good write up here. Otherwise, below are our hosting options.

Website Hosting

Starting at: $60/year

Bandwidth: 10gb (with free overage up to 2gb*)
Disk Space: 1gb
EMail Accounts: Unlimited**
MySQL Databases: Unlimited**
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Free Site Builder Software
4,500 Free Website Templates

Hosting Options

Additional Bandwidth: $12/year per 10gb
Additional Disk Space: $2/year per 500mb
Wordpress install with over 130 themes and 10 premium plugins: $100 one time fee.


Fine Print

Of course it isn’t THAT simple! Actually, it is, but there are some stipulations. If your website becomes popular and is using more than 200gb of traffic each month, or it’s causing the server to slow down, we’ll have to talk about a new option. Usually the option will save you money and provide a more stable website for your customers.
* – If you have a spike in traffic one month and get to 95% of your limit before the end of the month, we’ll give you up to 2gb free bandwidth to cover traffic. We want you to grow and we’ll make sure your website doesn’t go down because of it. If it happens 2 months in a row, we’ll require an upgrade to your account as listed in the ‘Hosting Options’ above.
** РYou can have as many email and MySQL accounts as you would like, we just ask that you keep the size of those accounts to as small as possible.  Email attachments will take up space on your hosting account. Large MySQL databases decrease performance for your website and others hosted on the same server.