We build websites.  I could tell you a lot of things about our website skills but it’s much better to see them for yourselves. After you’ve had a chance to look around, learn more about what we offer and how you can get started with your new website!


We were approached by the good folks at BESH to update their website’s design and to make their portfolio easier to browse. They also requested a blog as well as the ability to maintain their websites content in house. We set them up on a WordPress installation and designed a clean and easy to navigate website. Utilizing the features WordPress provides, BESH’s new website is easy to add content to, highly optimized for SEO compared to previous design, and set up for easy transition to a new design in the future without having to rebuild the content.



Ozzy connected with us through one of our Social Media classes that we were doing at the time. He was taking his business to the next level and recognized that a quality website was necessary to attack business. We got to work right away using a beautiful WordPress theme that we custom tailored to his need. We were able to provide a website that was attractive to the visitor and matched the professionalism that Ozzy brought to his business.



Lake County Florida  was going through the process of redesigning several outdated websites. The team met and came up with a standardized design for the 4 main websites and this is the first to be completed. It was custom built by the Lake County Communications Department entirely in house. It utilizes the MVC3 architecture and built on the .NET 4.0 framework. This website is also fully responsive in that it adapts to whatever screen size you are using.
(This is not a product of CAWD Inc. It is listed here because Chris Ayres and Paul Long both work for the County and together built this website. It is used with permission and we are not taking credit for it as a company.)



When the owner and I first talked about redoing this website, he was locked out of it and couldn’t reach the developer to make any changes. So one of the first things we decided was to make it a WordPress where he can easily retain access to making the changes himself. We also set up a SinglePlatform account that allows him to have his menu in one location and is simply ported to his website and facebook page as well as several other potential places, but all managed in one location. It also provides a simple mobile version when visiting the website.